The Black Bed Sheet/ Newsletter 6/2010

Hello all,

Summer is here and we are proud to announce the release of our new summer titles: Matthew Ewald’s HUMAN NATURE, Horns’ CHOPHOUSE, S.D. Hintz’s BLOOD ORCHARD, and Jason M. Tucker’s MEAT CITY & OTHER STORIES. I’ll be announcing what I’m calling our FALL LINEUP soon, but, well heck, I have three titles being released for the holidays and I’m announcing them now: Jeremy Jaynes’ THE GOLDEN KINGDOM, Sue Dent’s ELECTRIC ANGEL, and the poetry/photo collection MIRRORED SPIRITS/KINDRED SOULS. I’ve initiated the process of moving forward with two exciting BBS projects, a MICHAEL MYERS ANTHOLOGY which already has the involvement of some HUGE names in the genre, and that COOK BOOK I’ve been talking about which will feature some HELL’S KITCHEN ALUMNI is the focus of our first release under our imprint BANANA PHONE BOOKS (which will also soon afterwards finally publish children’s books). Titles in current development also include works by Eric Enck, Cinsearae Santiago, Shawn-a-lee McCutcheon-Bell (formally Cassandra Lee), and Jake Istre.

We’ve gotten into an exceptionally busy mode where events and appearances are being planned and we’re expanding. Also, for last year’s August First authors, I’ll be contacting each of you about contract extension possibilities and some cool things I have in mind. There’s lots of exciting things happening both with BBS as well as my own works, which you can check out in detail through our site (,, fully updated and re-vamped at last) as well as Twitter, Facebook, and Myspace and everything else we have our fingers in. Here are a few of the important matters:
All of our titles are on Amazon Kindle now, with all of the kinks worked out. The problem is, Kindle always throws me new kinks, but everything there seems to be in order this time. Mid-June also marks the debut of all our titles on the following Ebook formats:

Adobe Ebook
Palm OS,
Windows Mobile,
Windows PC, Mac,
iPhone / iPod Touch
Microsoft Reader (pending)
Mac OS X
Sony Reader

Our titles MIDNIGHT SECRETS and THE BUTCHER BRIDE have been re-edited for these formats.

Horrorfind Weekend happens to be one of those few large convention-sized events that takes place on this continent where we, who are all on budgets, can push the kinds of books that we have most effectively if we put ourselves in the center of it all, mingle with the people who do what we do, and face crowds with money to spend who will never shake their heads at you and say things like “Naw thanks…not much for horror…” as they would at your average neighborhood B&N. This year’s con is paying particular attention to horror authors, and I’ve committed myself to be there.

Here are details:
September 3-5 2010 in Gettysburg PA

By special arrangement with Brian Keene, BBS is scheduled to have a MEET & GREET that Saturday, 5:30-7pm. I’m also making arrangements to have 2-3 tables in the dealer’s room. I plan on making us a solid presence there, with interview opportunities, special group events I’ll coordinate where we can film readings & antics and post them later on Youtube, we’ll have a live Blogtalk radio podcast, and I’ll have promo materials we can toss around everywhere. I want to exhibit our book trailers at screenings, whatever we have to show at the time. Hell, if you’re all up for it, we can cloak ourselves in black bed sheets and march into our own meet and greet like a death choir or something from out a side door, put on a pre-planned show before we sit down and answer questions. The noise alone will attract people. Besides, I hate stuffy conventional convention panels. I’d like to do something unintrusive but beyond the norm that will draw people to see what’s going on.

At any rate, I can’t make this happen for us without your help. I need a show of hands, we can all pitch in to get a room or two and for a dealers’ table or two or three, pool our money together and make it cheaper for all of us and make a go of it. Alas, we are not offical special guests, not even I, so individually we have to afford our own means to get there as well as our passes to the event (although if you’d like to pitch in funds towards our dealer’s room presence they give us an amount of passes depending on how many tables).

I’m also planning a marketing campaign that involves the Red Wet Dirt comics for the event….

Any of you, let me know your interest, questions, shouts, rants, and let’s make this happen. Pricing details are also at the Horrorfind website listed above.
( )

A few customers at the online store have had problems with ordering, and here’s what I sad to one:

I apologize….if you’re paying with a credit card, that issue comes up as there are problems integrating my business bank account and ability to accept credit cards with the web host….although the Paypal option and printable snailmail-in form have been the ways customers have been successfully ordering. Again, my apologies for this problem. Until it’s resolved, I do safely process credit card orders personally….if you prefer to order directly with me, don’t email your credit card number to me but rather email your phone number and best time to call, and I’ll personally talk to you and take care of your order. Although we’re an independent small press and have our ticks and quirks, we are #1 in our genre where many independent presses rise and fall.

Just a brief note: our titles are also available at most major outlets, both online and in physical book stores. There was a recent issue with my printer which has caused a short delay in the process of making the four new summer titles widely available, but that issue is resolved and these titles should be up on Amazon, B&N, Baker & Taylor, Ingram, Amazon Kindle, Adobe Ebook, Palm Reader, and a multitude of online shopping networks within another day or so if they aren’t already.

I’m here to serve and sell, and to assist you.

The RED WET DIRT comics are coming!! The first issue, “Looks Like a Rat to Me,” is going to print soon (it will also be featured at Horrorfind), and A SHOT IN THE DARK COMICS has been offering ad space with a special price for our BBS authors. This is what John Graham of ASITD wrote to me:

“the final pricing for a quarter page ad would be 18 dollars, not super pricey due to smaller print run here at the beginning. If they want a half page, then it would be 36 and full page would be 72. Their ad will run through the 2010 print run.”

I’ve seen the full comic and it is SWEET! Let me know if you’re interested.
Other Stuff and a Word or Two

Don’t forget what I’ve always stated since the get-go of my involvement in this industry….we’re all in the together, so let’s support each other. I choose my authors, as far as BBS is concerned, over not just their abilities to do some damn good writing, but on their ambition and passion and ability to learn and accept all the funky things thrown at you when you write something substantial and then throw it out to the very wolves you hope will buy it. I also understand how one can think highly of his/herself when you have a book out and think you’ve got it made, but, even if you’ve got it made, it’s all about how real you are, baby, through and through.
As always, for important updates, please visit regularly, or subscribe to, our Facebook page, etc.

And if you haven’t seen it yet, watch MUFFIN MAN, our first official production (although it ain’t fresh) presented by SPIKE TV!

Now I gotta get busy promoting……

Thanks everybody, and take care,

—Nicholas Grabowsky

Black Bed Sheet Books/Productions


About downwarden

Nicholas Grabowsky’s novels of horror/fantasy and mainstream pulp fiction, both as himself, as Nicholas Randers, and as Marsena Shane, have generated worldwide acclaim for over two decades and praised by many of today’s most popular horror gurus in the literary world. He began his career in traditional publishing houses with brisk sellers in mass market paperback horror and romance, and the last ten years have seen him hailed by many as a mentor and advocate to the smaller presses, which has become to him a passion. His body of work includes the award-winning macabre aliens-among-us epic The Everborn, The Rag Man, Pray Serpent’s Prey, Halloween IV (and its special edition), Diverse Tales, Reads & Reviews, The Wicked Haze, Sweet Dreams Lady Moon, June Park, and Red Wet Dirt, numerous anthologies, magazine articles, and self help books, with projects extending to screenplays, poetry, songs, film, comics and graphic novels, and a wide variety of short fiction and nonfiction since the 1980’s. He’s a veteran special guest at numerous genre conventions and makes appearances and signings across North America. He has been in the limelight a radical gospel preacher right out of high school and in the following years a rock vocalist, teacher, lecturer and activist, editor, publisher and founder of the Sacramento-based Diverse Media small press, which has recently blossomed into the subdivisions of Black Bed Sheet Books, which publishes “exemplary literature, fiction & non” but specializes in horror/fantasy, and Black Bed Sheet Productions, which produces independent film, and sponsors both the hit Blog Talk Radio show Francy & Friends and the popular web stream Black Hamster TV. Currently, Nicholas is at work with numerous anthologies, graphic novels and comic books, an Everborn sequel and the novels The Downwardens and The Sirens of Knowland. His independent film projects include the upcoming slasher creature feature Cutting Edges, as well as co-writing the independent film Into the Basement, for Triad Pictures. View all posts by downwarden

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